PMI recommends keeping a spare orifice available.
    Graphite Ferrules, Quartz Wool Filter and Filter Screens will be needed for routine maintenance.

    Following is a list of parts with part numbers for ordering purposes.

    Part #                  EPM #                    Description                
    PMI3120*              2126.064              Glass Orifice, 20 ml/min.                        

    PMI3150*              2126.047              Glass Orifice, 50 ml/min.                        

    PMI3190               2126.081              Quartz Wool Filter, 10g                

    PMI3199               2149.020               Ferrule, Graphite, Box of 10                

    PMI3113               0042.206               Filter Screen                                        

    PMI3119               N/A                         Anti-seize Compound

    PMI3186               2126.232                Inline Filter, 60 micron                          

    PMI3187               2126.227                Element, Filter, 60 micron                        

    PMI3182               0041.108                End Cap Assy. (3 piece)                        

    PMI3115               0041.051                End Cap Assy (2 piece)
    PMI3183               0040.250                Mantle                                        

    PMI3184               0041.110                End Cap                             

    * Orifices are available in a range of sizes from 20 ml/min to 500 ml/min.
PMI In-Situ Dilution Probe Spare Parts
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