Our Standard Service includes an overall external cleaning of the probe-tip and probe lines, visual
inspection of the unit for any defects, cracks or galled threads, and leak-tight testing for the probe lines. Our
lab then tests for aspirator performance to then complete the initial evaluation of the unit, and determine the
appropriate means of internal cleaning.

Internal flushing of the aspirator and all internal paths is done with use of special cleaning solutions as part of
the service. Ultrasonic baths and diluted HCl flush cycles are performed to remove internal blockage or
buildup from the aspirator if its efficiency is below factory specs. After the cleaning/acid solution has been
neutralized and removed from the aspirator, it is then flushed with Ethanol & dried with purge air. As a final
step to ensure that any residual moisture is removed, heated purge air is run through the aspirator. After the
final testing has been completed, the test data is recorded and a Performance Certificate accompanies the
serviced probe. If the probe has been sent in with the compact inline filter on the dilution air line, we will have
replaced the 60μ cartridge. We will have also replaced the coarse filter screen in the End Cap Assembly. We
also apply a Nickel anti-seize compound to the probe tip threads, filter cap threads and internal threads of the
front mantle, so it is best to send the complete probe for service.

CAUTION: Remove the glass orifice from the probe before shipping, as these are almost always broken in
PMI Probe Service and Certification
We also offer a Mid-level Service that covers minor repairs such as probe-tip thread repairs, probe tube
replacements, in addition the Standard Service described above.
For units that require overhaul/rebuild, we offer an
Extended Service. If the unit doesn't pass leak-tight
test or there is internal damage to the aspirator, this service would be used. Basically any repair that would
require disassembly of the probe body is considered Extended Service. Any Extended Service will also
include the Standard Service.

We are always happy to evaluate the unit and submit a quotation for any additional parts or repair beyond
the Standard Service before proceeding. Call for an RMA number if you have a probe requiring service.
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