EPM Out-of-Stack Support
PMI can now offer its own Out-of-Stack sampling probe, which is based on the EPM out-of stack probe, either the
0797.380 or the 0797.381 model. We also offer new diluters. The diluter is the actual diluting apparatus which
uses the same technique as the in-situ probe to dilute the sample.
The PMI Diluter
We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for the 797.380 and 797.381 including orifices, gaskets, filters
If you don't see the a part you need on this list, call us. We will do our best to help you find the part or a
suitable replacement.
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PMI also offers an upgrade to existing probes which have a Stainless Steel ferrule connection at the diluter tip.
This can be cost-effectively replaced with a Graphite Ferrule connection. Call us for more information if you wish
to discuss the applicability of this modification to your sampling conditions.
Contact us for more information: Sales@Dilutionprobe.com
5000 Ridgemont Walk, Smyrna, GA 30080
Ph: 404-791-1477        Fax: 404-506-9873
Easy-Out Extension
Part #                  EPM #                    Description                
PMI3120*              2126.064               Glass Orifice, 20 ml/min.                        

PMI3150*              2126.047               Glass Orifice, 50 ml/min.

PMI3199               2049.020               Ferrule, Graphite, Box of 10                      

PMI3190               2126.081               Quartz Wool Filter, 10g  

PMI3105               0042.213               Coarse Filter Assy       

PMI3106               2135.190               Gasket, Coarse Filter Assy                

PMI3104               2135.191               Gasket, Flange   

PMI3186               2126.232               Inline Filter, 60 micron                          

PMI3187               2126.227               Element, Filter, 60 micron         

PMI3103               0797.370               Bypass Pump                                     

PMI3109               0042.312               Gasket, Bypass Pump

PMI3181               2136.233               Check Valve

PMI3127               0042.129               Heater                         

PMI3116               0042.211               Thermocouple, K Type                        

PMI300012           0797.390                Diluter

PMI300011           0797.391                Diluter

* Orifices are available in a range of sizes from 20 ml/min to 500 ml/min.